You are welcome to Episode: your home for interactive, visual stories, where as the player YOU choose what path your character takes! Explore our wide catalog of stories in any of your favorite genres from adventure to romance to fantasy! – Interactive Stories: make choices that determine who you meet, what friends you make and what people think about you! – UNRAVEL mysteries and help your character survive the hazards that lie ahead! – DRESS your character and choose the design that will assist you succeed!

Featured Stories: Campus Crush: You are welcome to your freshman year on campus. You’ve managed to get into Lockwood University, by far the most esteemed college in the state. And definitely will you are making friends? Do you want to find love? And what will you uncover concerning your mysterious scholarship? All that is up to you when you choose the right path through this interactive story. – Flirt WITH guys and attempt to find a date for your formal! – Make Friends and try to enter into the best sorority on campus! Tea & Poison: A missing heir, a poisoned duke, and a bizarre antique locket! Are you able to unravel the mysteries of the aristocracy before it’s far too late? You happen to be Miss Kingston and on your 18th birthday you suddenly discover youself to be thrown right into a arena of intrigue and betrayal that you’ll be lucky to escape from with her life. – Find Love with royalty, rogues or perhaps the boy who has been in front of you the whole time! – Choose Your Friends wisely as they may be the real difference between life and death! Please Note: Episode lets you purchase items inside the game for real money.

Episode – Choose Your Story is definitely an interactive storytelling platform. It provides stories published by the editorial team at Episode Hack and by you themselves. Many of the stories contain references to sex, romance and dating, with some censored nudity. Episode is the #1 role playing app inside the iTunes app store. Readers pick their story and choose responses to given situations to have out your story based on their decisions. The Episode app is provided for free to download through the iTunes app store and Google Play store. It really is rated “T” for teens and is also unsafe for youngsters.

he Episode app is really a role playing app which has a assortment of interactive stories created to look after readers an engaging and unique experience. Stories include genres including mystery, romance, heartbreak, and drama, and a multitude of stories within the genres, each with their own set of choices to make.

Readers can design and customize their avatar with various outfits and has. As the Episode app is interactive, readers can engage with various characters, developing relationships through the choices they can make, which includes an effect on the road and outcome of the story.

Within the Episode app, there are many different stories and situations to play out. Additionally, for the more creative mind, Episode also allows users to write and publish their particular stories in the app.

Episode is rated for users 12 , and it is available for both iOS and Android devices. As the app is free of charge to download, readers often run into the issue of without having the necessary amount of tickets to go on reading a tale, or pxiqlw having enough gems to get their avatar wear a particular outfit.

Episode does offer in-app purchases for packs of tickets and gems, starting from $.99 to $19.99. While the gems are certainly not necessary, lacking them can grow frustrating. The app scores a 4.7 from 5 within the iTunes review section, with much praise about the level of fun and intrigue in the stories, intermixed with complaints about the need for gems and tickets to fully enjoy it.

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