Backlinks play a very effective role in brand promotion and building authority. They give recognition to your business and push traffic towards the website. However, a regular check of website links is important to ensure good health of the website as broken links and spammy links can trigger trouble for your businesses. Finding out broken links manually seems a tedious task, especially when you have a big website with extensive features. Moreover, you can’t perform this job efficiently without a proper tool. We have jotted down a list of three WordPress Plugins which help you to detect the broken links easily and also offers some additional features your website need.

  • Broken Link Checker

The amazing plugin saves you from the possible damage happens due to broken links. The plugin identifies broken links and saves you valuable time. The rating of the plugin is 4/5 and reviewed by 300+ users while current installations are over 700, 000.

Key Features: Automatic monitoring lets you monitor links of your posts, comments, and pages. It allows direct editing of website links and sends email notifications. User can also find and filter the links.

Pros: Saves you from Google penalty and ensures good user experience. The open source program is available free of cost and easy to download.

Cons: User can’t check links inserted in widgets.

Price: Free

  • SEO Internal Links

It provides an insight to broken links as well as offers SEO benefits by linking posts and pages to the relevant category. It’s over 5000+ installations and 3.5/5 rating.

Key Features: You can find new links and fix broken links. Set nofollow attribute and use site keyword lists to generate links automatically.

Pros: Easy to use and known as a quick mean to capitalize on internal site SEO.

Cons: Development seems inactive, and reviews are also low.

Price: Free

  • Broken Link Manager

It’s a quick and efficient plugin that detects and archives broken links. Currently, there are 2000+ active installations with 4.5 ratings.

Key Features: It’s designed for broken links only. The plugin continuously detects and notifies the user about the broken link and lets them turn on email notifications as well. Direct all broken links to the default page and check them accordingly.

Pros: Easy to use and gives consistent results.

Cons: Limited features.

Price: Free

These plugins are easy to use and easily available online. Find broken links and make your website a valuable source of business and revenue.

How to Find Out Broken Links Efficiently?

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