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“Do I actually need a Facebook Page? Isn’t my Personal Profile (friends page) sufficient?” These are questions that I get asked a great deal as being a social media marketing strategist. To start with, let’s make clear what exactly is intended by each of these conditions:

Personal Profile – Profiles signify people and must take place under someone title. This is your “home foundation” for Facebook – the organization which has Buddies, LIKEs issues, joins organizations, and much more.

Facebook Page – permit a business, company, celebrity, or music group to keep up a professional presence on Facebook.

My opinion with this has changed with time and I must say which it truly depends on several factors. Every person does not require a Facebook Page. The subsequent questions will help you determine.

1. Would you like to be discovered by search engines like google? Facebook pages get plenty of “Google liquid.” This could be essential if a person is looking for you or one of your specific important term words that you are currently trying to position for. Even though somebody is not really a member of Facebook, your Facebook Page can be seen by anyone – not too for any Personal Profile. Often, a Facebook Web page will achieve greater rankings than your website.

2. That is your audience? Remember when “friends” were people that you truly realized? Are all your potential and current customers people who you truly know? If you only work with individuals that you have individually fulfilled, maybe you don’t require one. Nevertheless, in order to interact with people that you haven’t actually met face-to-face – or don’t consider a friend – a page is actually a much better method of doing that.

Facebook is clear once you issue a pal request which you actually need to find out the person. How many people will never ever get in touch with you since they might not exactly have met you or they could not actually think that you happen to be buddy – even just in the social media marketing sense of the phrase?

3. Exactly how much publishing concerning your company are you intending to do? Through the years, I have talked with a number of people that have actually experienced their personal accounts turn off by Facebook simply because they had been utilizing it to promote an organization. The “Facebook slap” or shutdown appears to happen much more when the business becoming promoted is actually a physical company.

I do believe that the outlines blur for consultants, speakers, attorneys yet others who are in the “thought company.” It appears that Facebook is more lenient using that kind of advertising, education and revealing. Nevertheless, because the aged Donny and Marie song used to remind us, you need to be “Slightly Country, A Bit Rock and Roll.”

4. Would you like to be able to personalize and make a mini-website? Facebook applications for Pages have grown to be so flexible and powerful that you could create mini-web sites within Facebook – not so for personal user profiles. You could add custom landing pages (Welcome) with video clips, e-mail optin boxes, blog rss feeds and more.

5. Do you actually want to mix company and personal? For most people, it is great to keep these separate. Personal friends don’t always want to hear about your small business and the other way around. Think about your Personal Profile when your House and your Page when your Workplace. You wouldn’t article photos of your vacation all over your workplace. Likewise, most people don’t have their business papers spread out throughout the house. Splitting up can be quite a great thing.

These first few questions may lead you to believe, YES!, I desire a Facebook Page. Nevertheless, here is the key question you must request prior to launching one.


How much time and energy are you currently willing to put in a Facebook Web page? A Facebook Page requires plenty of try to get connection and engagement. Due to the way the Facebook “Edgerank” algorithm criteria functions, individuals frequently don’t see any posts one does from the Page. It is possible to generally get much more interaction on the Personal Profile.

Many people basically abandon their Pages after investing considerable time and energy to have them setup. One option is to hire somebody who will regularly article your site content to your Page so that you have a regular existence. Then, all you want do is to go to the web page often and interact with the people who discuss your posts.

My recommendation for many business people: Indeed, you DO require a Company Web page. Even if all that you do is placed it and create a article which says, “I hope this page provides some information and facts about my business. I kssiiw almost all of my Facebook time on my Personal Profile. Please send out us a information there at (Web address for Facebook User Name).”

Another important decision to take into consideration when switching to your page is whether you need to just convert your Personal User profile to a company Page. Facebook now allows you to accomplish this. Be forewarned that it is not for that faint of heart. There are many serious problems that must definitely be considered prior to deciding to accomplish this. Look at the Facebook Assist section for additional info on this.

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