Poor old Santa Claus. Sometimes he gets a terrible rap. People say he doesn’t represent Christmas well. Individuals say he doesn’t set a good instance for Christians commemorating Dec 25. And people say–gasp!–that he doesn’t even really exist. Additionally, there are a few people out there who want to confuse just who Santa is. Is he really Saint Nicolas? Or is he some imposter, some big elf from the North Pole who would like to take credit for everything that Saint Nick has done and stands for.

Santa Notes

Frightening things, right? Well, in case you are getting too upset by these anti–Santa ideas, perhaps you ought to quit reading this post now. It only becomes worse the deeper you obtain into these anti–Santa concepts.

Are you currently still around? Great, because to preserve our image of Santa Claus–our jolly aged man–we need to know why folks are to get him. Then, and merely then, can we quit them from trashing the great name in the man inside the red-colored suit.

To begin with, these anti–Santa people admit that Santa has some fantastic qualities. He’s always cheerful and happy. He always has enjoyable games and presents to provide, and he is usually generous (until you were naughty, of course). But is where these anti-Santa people stop with all the words of flattery. You see, they are saying that Santa, with all of his goodness, is simply for children rather than for adults.

Worse yet, they say that Santa is simply around today to earn money for huge Eastern buying syndicates. He’s only here to make other people a dollar. Everything that stuff about Santa giving gifts, and distributing great cheer, is all made-up, they are saying. The real reason for the man using the white beard and also the red cap is to buy us to eat, to spend money, to offer gifts just like Santa does.

This can be terrible anti–Santa stuff, right? Well, believe it or not, it becomes worse. These anti–Santa folks continue to state that Santa can’t be thought as he flies around the world inside a sleigh. Clearly, the anti–Santa folks have no faith in Rudolph. And talking about faith, the anti–Santa people also state that Santa requires out of the real purpose of Christmas, which would be to celebrate Baby Christ.

The truth is, these anti-Santa people repeat the genuine Saint Nicolas is preferable to Santa. He was an actual individual, they say, who thought and practiced goodwill for all men, women, and kids. He was kind and generous, and was a devout believer in Baby Christ. And Santa isn’t genuine, they say?

Had sufficient? Me too. Here’s how you can know that these particular anti–Santa folks are way off base. What these anti–Santa people don’t comprehend is, Santa and Saint Nick are one and also the exact same. So that you can’t claim that Saint Nick is superior to Santa, or vooish Santa is copying Saint Nick’s design. Saint Nick is Santa! Together, as one, they represent everything that is great about Christmas, and all that people should exercise every day, not just Dec 25.

So, please, anti–Santa bashers, please keep the major man alone. He’s never ever completed anything at all but bring vacation cheer, passion for humankind, and a lot of enjoyable.

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